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Help Holly Would… make their first full length record!
Every dollar counts and what better way to show your support than by helping them out and making their dreams come true? They only have until April 28th at 11:59 PM EDT to raise $5,000 and make it happen! We’re counting on you guys! Thanks for all of your support! Holly Would… and everyone here at the Holly Would… Street Team can’t tell you how much we appreciate it!

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Join the Street Team!

Want to be an official member of the Holly Would… Street Team? Well, now you can be! What better way to show the band that you care than to join their street team and help them get their name out there! You’ll be qualified to win lots of cool Holly Would… Street Team exclusive merch and prizes! Come on… you know you want to. Holly Would… would you? ;)

If you are interested in joining the Holly Would… Street Team, please fill out the below application and email it to with subject title: Street Team Application.


Full Name:
Email Address:

Phone Number:
Mailing Address:

City you want to represent:

Distance you live from this city:


Facebook Address:

Twitter URL:


Do you have your own transportation or someone that can consistently transport you places?:

Are you comfortable talking to people who work at music stores, staff venues, manage tours, bands etc?:

Where can you go promote?:

Do you currently have any relationships/connections with promoters, venues, magazines, radio stations etc… in your area? And if so, with whom?:

Have you ever participated on other street teams?  If so, which ones?:

Do you have any special skills or talents that may be useful in a street team setting?:

How many concerts per month do you attend?:

How did you hear about the street team?:

Why do you want to be a member of the Holly Would… Street Team?:

Thank you so much for joining Holly Would… Street Team!:

As a team, our goal is to work together to promote the band as best as we can. This includes passing out flyers, using social networking sites, hanging up posters, and using other creative methods to promote the band. Each week, we will give you a new task to work on. You’ll then be given 7 days to complete the promotional task and send it in to for points. The more tasks you complete, the more points you will earn, which can be redeemed for rewards at any time. (Rewards list coming soon!) We encourage each team member to complete all of the tasks, however, each teamer must complete at least two tasks per month in order to remain an active member of the team and qualify for exclusive street team prizes, merch, and lots of cool things coming in the future. Make sure to follow the team on Twitter (@HollyWouldST) as well as the band: (@HollyWouldMusic)

Also, go ‘Like’ the Facebook page! (

I look forward to working with you to promote! If you ever have any questions, don’t hesitate to ask. :)

Thanks again for your interest in helping out the band. We here at Holly Would… Street Team and the band appreciate it more than you know!

Holly Would Street Team

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Check out for more awesome photography! Or check out his facebook page at

Check out for more awesome photography! Or check out his facebook page at ElliottBaysideHolly Would...The National

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Check out for more awesome Photography!

Check out for more awesome Photography!

Cory VillalobosBaysideJay HughesHolly Would...Zephyr

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Check out for more awesome photography!

Check out for more awesome photography!

Zephyrphoto.tumblr.comKevin CrinerHolly Would...Jay HughesZephyr Photography

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